Emr Record

Electronic Medical Records and its Uses

EMRs or electronic medical records are records pertaining to an individual’s health. These are in a digitised format instead of a paper format. Authorised providers/staff belonging to one organisation create and maintain these records. These are then made accessible to other physicians and practices by authorised persons for treatment purposes.

EMRs improves and facilitates easy flow of work and helps in patient care by way of immediate updating of all records of a patient and hence helps in better treatments provided to the patient.

EMRs provide

  • Access to physicians all patient information such as diagnoses, lab tests, treatments provided, allergies etc.
  • Sharing of information between providers brings together all test results. This helps all providers to keep track of the drugs taken by the patient.
  • Chronological entries help in the thorough following of the patient’s history.
  • Patients can get full information about their treatment and health conditions.

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