Patient Care

Patient Care at home post-COVID

At-home patient care or Hospital-at-Home, as it is commonly known, though has been prevalent before, post-COVID, it has been widely accepted the world over as a good alternative to in-patient care. When healthcare organizations faced unheard-of difficulties in providing in-patient care due to the COVID pandemic, taking healthcare to patients’ homes became the only option. Hence, health organizations began providing acute healthcare to patients in their own homes.

Successful application of home healthcare opened further ideas and possibilities for implementing the Hospital-at-Home model. As the world slowly limped back to normalcy, health organizations continue to explore patient care at home since it undeniably provides many advantages, especially in cost-cutting for both patients and providers.

If the patients are eligible to receive patient care at home, i.e., if the provider decides that home care is sufficient for the patient and if the required infrastructures are available, then healthcare is provided with the help of remote patient monitoring tools, telehealth, and also visits by providers if necessary.

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