Genetic Conditions

Pediatric Telehealth Care for Genetic Conditions

After the recent COVID pandemic, it has been established that telehealth can be used for treating patients with acute and chronic conditions. This applies to pediatric healthcare too and pediatric telehealthcare could be expanded to providing care for patients with genetic conditions also.

Genetic disorders are caused by gene mutations in one or more genes, due to environmental factors or chromosomal damage. It is a disorder caused by a change in the DNA sequence.

Patients with this disorder have to make multiple visits to hospitals for diagnosis and treatments which in the long run are difficult to keep up with. This is where telehealth can be made use of. Instead of being compelled to make in-patient visits, the patients and their caretakers can start with telehealth care and then proceed with in-person visits when needed. Due to the continued follow-ups provided through telehealth, it has the advantage of better treatments provided which may be lacking in in-patient visits due to missed appointments.

Primary examinations are done via telehealth and testing is done with the help of at-home tests and further tests if necessary are continued through in-patient testing. The information available to pediatric geneticists like family history and physical features are the same through telehealth and in-patient visits.

Telehealth pediatric care for genetic conditions is definitely a good alternative to in-patient visits and is expected to grow further in the years to come since there is no difference in the quality of care provided.

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