Telehealth Livevideo

Telehealth – Live Video

The use of various telecommunication technologies to provide or assist in healthcare is Telehealth. Telehealth has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years due to the undeniable advantages it provides. There are four different ways in which telehealth is applied

  1.  Live video
  2.  Mobile health
  3.  Remote patient monitoring and
  4.  Store and forward.

Live Video

When we talk about Telehealth, Live Video is the most common form that comes to everyone’s mind and is used interchangeably too sometimes but live video is only one form of application of telehealth albeit an important one.

In Live Video, a provider uses any visual medium of communication with a patient on the other end for purposes like consultation, counseling, education, etc. It is also used between providers to treat a patient when the specialist is not in the vicinity and to provide treatment in emergency situations. It is used to connect to patients in rural areas who don’t have access to good healthcare facilities. Live video requires secure and HIPAA-compliant platforms.

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