Remote Patient Monitoring

Telehealth – Remote Patient Monitoring

The use of technology to provide healthcare from a distance is Telehealth. Computers or mobile phones with cameras are used for video conferencing with the help of the internet are essential for telehealth. In recent times, telehealth has grown multifold due to its many advantages.

Remote Patient Monitoring:

Remote Patient Monitoring is one of the applications of telehealth. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a technology that helps in monitoring patients in the comfort of their homes. This reduces costs incurred in providing health care to patients and providers since care is provided outside clinical settings. RPM is very useful in conditions where patients have chronic ailments and it requires their vitals to be monitored constantly. Gadgets are used to record patients’ vital signs and are continuously transmitted to the providers so they can be immediately updated about any changes. This safeguards patients from ending up with serious complications and reduces emergency hospitalizations. RPM technologies are continuously updated, like smartwatches, which can record vital signs and contact providers in emergencies.

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