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Telehealth – Store and Forward

The use of various telecommunication technologies to provide healthcare or assist in it is Telehealth. Telehealth has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years, due to the undeniable advantages it provides. There are four different ways in which telehealth is applied

1) Live video
2) Mobile health
3) Remote patient monitoring and
4) Store-and-forward.

Store-and-forward has some advantages over Live video since it is not in real time. The information provided by the physician is pre-recorded, stored, and accessed by the patients when required. Therefore, unlike live video which is synchronous, store-and-forward provides flexibility of time since it is asynchronous. Health data like lab tests, x-rays, and videos can be stored and shared using store-and-forward. Information can also be accessed and shared with more than one person and also used for purposes of education and awareness among people.

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