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What is Pre-authorization?

Authorization obtained to cover the prescribed services by the payer before the services are rendered is called pre-authorization. The approval has to be obtained from the insurance company for the treatment to be provided. Hence, authorization is a vital step in Revenue Cycle Management. Once the insurance eligibility is verified, then the process of pre-authorization begins.

Pre-authorization helps the Health Care organisation in collecting payments for the services rendered and minimizing denials. Though pre-authorization does not guarantee payment collections, absence of it can lead to denials. So, pre-authorization is necessary for hassle-free bill claims. A medical coder’s role is of utmost importance for pre-authorization since it requires accurate coding and documentation of the required treatment procedure before hand.

At Sniper Solutions our well-trained professionals ensure
  • A Timely and detailed verification for obtaining pre-authorization.
  • Constant updation with the changing guidelines of insurance providers.
  • Maintenance of all records of patient informations with standard templates.

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