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What is Telenursing?

Nurses are irreplaceable and a strong pillar in the healthcare industry. In recent years, similar to Telemedicine, Telenursing or Telehealth nursing has arrived. The Healthcare industry has already begun to reap its benefits so much that, Telenursing can be expected to only grow and spread in the future. This sector has considerably helped with the problem of shortage of nurses.

With the wide prevalence of gadgets like mobile phones and computers and improvements in technology, it has become very easy for patients to connect directly with their physicians instead of direct appointments in hospital/clinical settings. Similarly, telenurses can provide nursing care to patients with the use of gadgets and technology.

Though direct care is irreplaceable, the advantage of Telehealth cannot be ignored.

  • Nurse practitioners can monitor patients’ health parameters continuously. With improvements in technology, they can access patients in rural areas too. As a result, it reduces the cost incurred on both sides. Hence it’s a win-win situation.
  • Reduces unnecessary hospital visits for patients. It reduces the stress of travelling to and fro to clinics for patients who might be frail and weak. Hence it also reduces overcrowding in hospitals and also better treatment for patients who need direct care can be rendered.
  • With telenurses tending to the patients almost immediately, it provides comfort and solace to patients sooner.
  • More nurses can be trained to provide Telehealth services and this will reduce the cost of employing in-house nurses.

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