What is Virtual Medical Scribe?

Sniper Solutions provides you with high-quality, physician-dedicated medical scribes that drastically reduces data entry and clerical works. A Virtual Medical Scribe eases the doctor’s burnout at their work as real-time data is captured by a virtual assistant and directly entered in to the EMR of practice during patient visit.

Advancement in healthcare paves way for new practices in the medical service sector with improvised treatment methodology. To aid in the same, Virtual Medical Scribing, an upcoming alternative for medical documentation helps physicians do real-time EMR documentation without the need to spend after hours of clinic to document the same. 

Our scribes are compliant with HIPAA regulations and the documentation procedures required to document patient encounter which the physician can monitor on his screen. A busy schedule, multi-tasking, and parallel work activities can easily make doctors forget to note down some of the information/conversations that are important during healthcare decisions and here a vital role is being played by the virtual assistant to ensure all necessary medical information is entered on the EHR platform.

Remote Medical Scribe
Virtual Medical Scribe

A physical scribes can make patients feel uncomfortable to express and open up their actual health complications and that is taken care with a virtual scribe. Doctors have greater leverage and advantages using a Virtual Medical Scribe as the documentation can be monitored and necessary corrections suggested immediately before the next patient walks in helps doctors to get back as soon as the shift is over.

Sniper Solutions is the best choice to outsource medical virtual scribing services. We provide end-to-end support technically in assisting the medical scribes as well as physicians virtually. Transcriptions are updated with more accurate and reliable information. Our On-site virtual medical scribe service fulfils your medical clerical assistance work and also ensures coding details are entered which is vital for billing purposes.

How it Works

Before the Visit

  • The patient is brought to the examining room for diagnosing the health condition by the practitioner.
  • The patients are informed about the VMS practices and assured about their data privacy
  • The practitioners are shared with the patient medical history through scribe applications by the medical scriber located remotely.
  • The scriber is connected with the practitioner through VPN and other virtual applications that are approved by the HIPAA
  • The virtual scribe is updated till the present that helps the practitioner to get to know about the patient’s EMR completely before their visit.
  • Access to patient medical information before the visit limits the time wasted on investigating the patient thus enabling the practitioner to invest their time in the next patient.
  • Both the practitioner and the scriber are connected through internet calls and the corresponding medical chart is screen-shared for analyzing the complete medical information and the chart is updated based on the current medical investigation of the patient for future reference and record.
Internet Calls
Medical E-Data Share

During the Visit

  • At the time of visit, the practitioner and the scriber are connected through an internet call.
  • The virtual scribe is shared with the practitioner in the desired format to understand the medical history of the patient.
  • The practitioner views and analyzes the scribes before examining the patient.
  • The scriber listens to the entire conversation with the help of applications like Polycom that enhance the scriber to hear high-quality sounds without any interruptions or signal lags.
  • Any improvements or changes on the medical front are addressed to the scriber through virtual applications.
  • The details are recorded in the application that has a design template of ICD, amp & CPT codes.
  • The entire live medical visit, conversation and session are recorded from the start of the patient entrance to the end.
  • The scriber scribes the medical history with compliance to HIPAA securities.
  • The scriber located in the remote facility record the EMR in real-time to reduce the chance of missing out on the medical information.

After the Visit

  • At the end of the session, the scribe team sends the rough draft to the practitioner for any edits to be made on the collected data.
  • The updated scribes are previewed by the scriber with the patient medical chart after the investigation.
  • The practitioner signs off the digital note as an approval for the scribe entered by the scriber.
  • The infographics reordered and updated in the scribes are verified to update the defect-free and high-quality EMR.
  • The review of the scribes are done with the availability of the practitioner and the changes can be made after the update by the scriber.
Medical Chart
Benefits of Virtual Scribe

Benefits of Virtual Scribe

  • Virtual Scribe enables the practitioner to get immediate access to the medical history and information within a short time.
  • The records in the virtual scribes are accurate and any misinformation is corrected anytime without affecting the original file.
  • The practitioner/doctor will not perform any sort of writing or data entry during the examination.
  • Virtual Scribes reduces the time taken by the practitioner in documenting the medical information
  • The practitioner can investigate more patients with the help of Virtual Scribes and the recorded information can be cross-checked at any time.

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