Artificial Intelligence in Patient Treatment

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

In recent years, AI has influenced the healthcare industry in the most significant way and has provided positive transformation in the industry.

Virtual provision of healthcare is one of the major revolutions in the industry with the help of AI. It has made initial assessment of patient’s condition possible without in-patient visits and also helps to save physicians’ time. It helps to provide accurate diagnosis and suggest a treatment plan which can then be verified by physicians.

AI can speed up the process of treating patients since it can interpret large amounts of medical data like patient records, lab tests, and images quickly and efficiently. ChatGPT, the Generative Pre-trained Transformer, one of the advanced AIs in trend now, can greatly impact the healthcare industry. It can help in zeroing in on a diagnosis by noticing the patterns in a patient’s medical history and data which humans can easily miss or take a large amount of time to identify. AI is definitely here to stay for the betterment of the healthcare industry.

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