Patient Calling

What is patient calling?

Medical billers must have a thorough knowledge not only of billing and coding but also of the costs of various treatments, for they will be required to explain it to the patients. They also must have a good understanding of Medicare, Medicaid, the billing codes, HIPPAA, state and federal guidelines, insurance requirements etc.

The most challenging part is the medical biller’s interaction with the patients. He is required to explain the bills to the patients who may be distraught with handling the sickness and may be impatient and frustrated with the billing statements.

Our trained staff at Sniper Solutions have been taught

  • To listen and handle delicate situations with ease.
  • To stay calm and composed when facing the most daunting of situations and deal with all the nuances of the job effortlessly.
  • To be easily contactable for patients.
  • To show genuine concern for the patients by making frequent follow up calls.

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