What is Precharting?

Medicines cure diseases, but only doctors can cure patients – Carl Jung.

We, at Sniper Solutions, help doctors do their job better by enabling them to spend more time in “curing” and less in “documentation.”

When Precharting, we get the documenting of patients’ medical history prepopulated as EMRs ahead of the Doctor-Patient meeting. By doing that, Precharting becomes the best tool to save time for the health providers by staying ahead of the game.”

Why Precharting is great for health providers?

  • Saves Time – Prepopulating patient information helps doctors focus on patients more than on documentation work.
  • Time Management – Front-loading charting work helps in better time management.
  • Quality Doctor-Patient time – All patient information available upfront means the Doctor-Patient time is used for diagnosing and treating rather than getting the information after seeing the patient.
  • Patient Satisfaction – The provider knowing the medical history beforehand assures the patient that he is in good hands, rather than probing the patient for informations.
  • Less working hours – Doctors can wind up for the day sooner since precharting eliminates back-loading of documentation on patient charts.
  • Reduced patient visits – Availability of all diagnostic material in EMRs beforehand, reduces patient visits just for collecting them.
  • Strategy Prepping – Having the necessary patient information on hand helps to make necessary pre-arrangements for treating patients.

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