Patient Engagement  A Brief Insight

Patient Engagement - A Brief Insight

The concept of Patient Engagement strives to keep patients well informed about their health condition, different possible treatments available, and makes patients fully aware of the health outcomes of the choices that they make, for which healthcare organizations provide the necessary support and guidance.

The patient is kept on the same page as the healthcare provider, concerning all the relevant medical information about their condition and the medical care that is provided to them.

An efficient patient engagement program utilizes all the necessary tools to have the patient at all steps along the diagnosis and treatment journey and to include them in decision-making and prioritizing their wishes.

"Patient engagement is the blockbuster drug of the century"- Leonard Kish.

With the advancement in technology and patients becoming more and more tech-savvy, it has become a necessary path to explore by healthcare providers and investing in tools of patient engagement.

Patient engagement has also been known to provide the best possible health outcome to patients and so it can be well argued that, that is the way to go for both patients and healthcare providers. Hence it can very well be expected that the concept of patient engagement will gain momentum, leading to high growth and acceptance, and will be a part of global healthcare systems.

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