Media Transcription At A Glance

Sniper Solutions have proved its expertise in the media industry by transcribing audios and videos with services like captioning, subtitling, direct translation service, voice-over services. We also have excelled in transcribing podcasts with high accuracy. We provide services with time stamping for easy referrals to the original files to meet their needs.The Whole Gamut of services covers the entire process of Media content like interview recordings, press conferences, webcasts, public forums, advertisements, and documentaries for Media houses, production companies, Television networks, and content producers. The Primary phase of transcription is that we analyze the file for ease of transcription and ensure expected output quality. Amendments and enhancements are made to the file as required when quality needs to be fine tuned. Sniper Solutions promises to provide a comprehensive solution to your business by matching your precision requirements.

We at Sniper Solutions provide media transcription services customized as per your requisites and also provide flexibility to receive your input file either through email, FTP, or live on-site recording setup. The output files, in case of a textual mode, will be delivered in the format of your choice; MSWord, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Page Maker, Adobe Frame Maker, Adobe Robohelp, etc. Our professional transcription experts and Quality Analysts work in each stage for quality check, timecode transcription, and review the accuracy of the output. We have acquired a high degree of expertise working with different media formats and handling transcription work of varied volumes. The media industry is distinguished by extreme levels of competition Our expert media transcription services team has greatly added to the productivity and efficiency levels of a growing community. We are a team of trained experts in media transcription, proofreading, quality analysts, and editors. Our hub is to build a long-term relationship with our customers with Quality and Accuracy.

Services We Provide Are

Advertisement Transcription Services

We have a comprehensive advertisement transcription process to provide our customers with high-quality transcripts that are accurate, reliable, and readable. Our services are adapt to the needs of our clients, and we work on multiple formats and styles on advertisements such as audio, video ads, rough cuts, storyboards, etc

Television Transcription Services

We work on multifarious of television content, ranging from educational videos to soap operas, and have streamlined our services to suit the requirements of our clients and ensuring we stick to the deadlines

Movie Script Transcription

Movie Script is a crucial part of any film making the process of writing scripts at each stage has become professionalized aspect of making movies We expertise in transcribing dialogues, timestamps, music cues, captions, credits, etc. to various type of clients such as broadcasters, production houses, or distributors and reaches the larger audience.

YouTube Media Transcription

We help our customers to avail transcription for any audio, video or text. We are expert in transcribing customized requirements that include a combination of audio and video, audio and text or video and text in no time.

Podcast Transcription Services

Podcasts are an effective way to reach a larger audience about your product and services. Transcribing your podcasts ensures that your podcasts get listed on leading search engines. The advantage of Podcast Transcription is having text along with a podcast can help people skim and scan over your information. This helps the audience to absorb important bits of information that you have conveyed in the podcast.

Entertainment Programs

Our Team has experience in a variety of media areas, including TV interviews, talk shows, interviews, meetings, conferences and DVD/ CD Audio/ TV shows. We deliver a pre-defined format that is required by our customers provided they give all the customization details including the required time stamps, captions, sub-titles etc, and we will incorporate it in the final transcript.

E-learning and Knowledge Transfer

E-learning and lectures online, transcription is seeing a rise in popularity. E-Learning captions and transcriptions is to help the difficulty of hearing get accessibility to educational materials. Our expertise works in each stage for quality check, timecode transcription, and review the accuracy of the output.


The video file or oral content are converted into a text document. Documentary transcription has several marketing and advertising advantages. It is a powerful tool for recording and saving historical information about individuals, events, or a certain period in history. It is used by analysts, historians, and marketers; it is recorded as part of research processes or to preserve information for future reference


We transcribe discussion, as the audio recording comprises voices of a group of people asking questions, giving answers or stating their views. Some panel discussions even include a moderator or a large audience. We help you sort in making business-critical decisions based on the opinions discussed during the panel discussion, it is essential that the transcriber is able to differentiate the voices and provide a precise transcription of your recording.

News programs

Sniper Solution provides News programs and press conference transcription service who could help you with all your press-ready transcription needs. We have the latest technologies to deliver error-free services within a quick time


Get the interviews recorded and distributed in texts. We help the organization who is willing to transcribe interviews to evaluate them later; we outsource your Interview Transcription services to Sniper solutions and take time off from listening to interviews time and again.


We offer comprehensive testimonials transcription services that are recorded through video or audio and can be customized according to client requirements. We keep updating with latest tools and technologies to ensure high quality and accuracy

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As a team we are passionate to provide professional media transcription services at competitive pricing. Sniper Solutions is committed to customer satisfaction, confidentiality & time-efficiency.

Experts who are experienced in the field are deployed

Round the clock services to cater customers worldwide

Stringent process to assure accuracy

Guaranteed confidentiality of Data

multiple file formats

Quick Turnaround

No quality compromise


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