EMR Data Migration AT A GLANCE

From intake sheet to doctor’s handwritten notes which needs to be entered in to the EMR/EHR, Sniper Solutions offers exclusive solutions with a focus of entering even the minute details which matter during patient care. With an initial orientation session which explains your requirements on the data that needs to be entered on the patient chart, our team can focus on your charting which takes your burden away and have more time for clinical duties.

We are one of the leading healthcare EMR data entry outsourcing companies providing cost-effective, fast, secure, and accurate medical data entry solutions. We use the best of tools and technologies, with a professionally trained team to provide the unsurpassed medical data entry services to our customers. Electronic records is the future of healthcare because they provide critical data at the touch of a button which is very necessary during patient care, and helps to take informed decisions. We carry out the process of data extraction, data archiving, and data capturing on different kinds of healthcare records.

What makes us unique is not just the experience with implementing and increasing the usability of EHR systems for you, but the fact that we work round the clock to make the whole process extremely effective, error-free, and profitable for our clients. We specialize in converting all your previous handwritten/pdf patient records to digital.

A few Types of Reports we handle:

  • Handwritten Notes
  • Patient Intake form
  • Jotform
  • Lab Test Findings
  • Eye examinations
  • Vaccinations

Why Us?

We have been handling EMR/EHR data entry work for the last 5 years which puts us on top of our competitors to get you set up within a few days after initial training session on the process.

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