Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We understand several queries run through your mind while outsourcing an important segment of the medical field such as transcription. We have answered below some of the most asked questions by our clients

What are the charges for medical transcription?

Sniper Solutions provide medical transcription at cost-effective prices. The prices are based on the quality of audio, runtime and the turnaround time required by the client. We provide competitive rates for standard quality audios with a 24-hour turnaround time

Are my files safe?

We at Sniper Solutions honour the privacy of our clients at a high priority. Hence we have in place stringent privacy policies that ensure all the data received are highly confidential.

What kind of industries do you serve?

Sniper Solutions is equipped to handle medical, legal and media industries with quality work. We have specialists experienced in transcribing Medical, Business, Media, and Academic files to give you the highest quality output with maximum accuracy.

What is the project size that can be handled?

Our team is experienced and have expertise in medical transcription making it possible to deliver on TAT with the highest accuracy. We are equipped to mass volumes. Contact us to discuss more about your requirements.

How does it work when there are multiple speakers?

We identify each speaker through their name or number them for easy understanding of the transcription. Our team is equipped to recognise the speaker and differentiate between them while doing transcriptions.

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