Medical Coding AT A GLANCE

Sniper Solutions provides a dedicated team of expert medical coders who review inpatient and outpatient records and ensure that all diagnoses are coded according to strict ICD-9, ICD-10 guidelines. The coding is then audited by both our in-house and external experts who help us to maintain a 99% accuracy rate.

Why Us?

Our team of coders are experts and HIPAA-compliant coders with extensive knowledge in the reimbursement cycle, as well as Medicare and Medicaid.

By associating with Sniper Solutions you can expect excellence in medical coding with the following benefits

Eliminate your backlogs

Lower the DNFB

Receive charts audited with a 98% accuracy rate at a rapid turnaround

Improved efficiency in reimbursement

Premium coding resources at competitive rates

Helps in eliminating hiring and retention challenges

Helps in reducing A/R days

Secure HIPAA-compliant disaster recovery and IT infrastructures

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