Pros of Virtual Medical Scribing

Pros of Virtual Medical Scribing

A virtual medical scribe accompanies a provider during patient visits from a remote offsite location. The virtual scribe views the visit through a computer screen or listens to the visit over the phone. They provide their services in real-time i.e., during the provider-patient encounters. They complete the task by making records of the patient visit i.e., medical documentation in the form of EHRs, clinical charts, etc. Virtual scribing has become more popular in recent times after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual scribing has various advantages.

  • Reduced cost of employing medical scribes.
  • The working hours are more flexible and convenient for scribes and providers.
  • More privacy for patients enables them to be comfortable around doctors and talk about their problems with ease.
  • Providers can concentrate fully on giving patient care and this results in increased successful treatments and increased patient satisfaction.
  • Providers can increase the number of patients they treat and this results in a healthy healthcare industry.
  • Patients can get appointments fairly easily with the desired specialists since the providers have more time on hand.
  • Real-time creation of clinical charts ensures that all information is duly recorded and nothing is missed by the doctors or scribes.
  • Fewer-to-no errors in documentation eliminate the chances of lawsuits.
  • Virtual scribes are given only the work for which they are employed and this eliminates the chances of more work being pushed to them.

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