Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement and Improved healthcare

When patients are involved in their treatment process by engaging more with their providers and healthcare team to better understand their health conditions, it results in favorable health conditions for the patients. This is essentially referred to as Patient Engagement.

Patient Engagement happens with patient education through online portals which connects to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) of a patient. With this, a patient can access all the information regarding his treatment and understand modern healthcare terminologies by communicating his awareness or lack of it to his healthcare team.

This will result in

  • Active participation of the patient himself in his healthcare.
  • The patient following the do’s and don’ts with utmost care due to his understanding of his condition.
  • Giving the patient a feeling of control over his health.
  • Self-management of conditions which doesn’t require immediate physician intervention.
  • Eliminating conditions from worsening since the patient stays fully aware of his condition.

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