What is Telehealth?

The use of technology to provide healthcare from a distance is Telehealth. Computers, mobile phones, or any such gadgets with cameras with internet connectivity are mainly essential for telehealth since it necessary for videoconferencing or any sharing of information.

In recent years, especially during the covid times, the usage of telehealth has grown multifold due to its obvious advantages like

  • Access to healthcare from the comfort of patients’ homes.
  • Can avoid unnecessary trips to healthcare centers.
  • Accessibility to providers who may be too far away.
  • Continuous monitoring of patients with chronic diseases is possible.
  • Fewer expenses incurred by the patient since it eliminates the cost of travel to healthcare centers.

There are 4 ways in which Telehealth is applied. They are

  • Live video.
  • Store-and-Forward.
  • Remote patient monitoring.
  • Mobile health.

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