Pros And Cons of Telemedicine

Pros and Cons of Telemedicine:

Any technology has its advantages and disadvantages. This applies to telehealth too.

Some of the prominent advantages are

  • Very profitable for physicians as telehealth is less costly and more accessible for many and people are becoming more technically knowledgeable and well-equipped.
  • Large number of patients can access the required providers and this will increase the patient base for doctors.
  • Expansion of the patient base gives an advantage to the doctors who practice virtual care over other doctors who don’t.
  • Cost-effective for both patients and physicians.
  • Saves a lot of time for both patients and doctors.
  • Better healthcare is provided by way of checking in with patients to ensure that they adhere to the treatments advised.
  • Any clarification can be done with doctors using virtual care before the next in-patient visit.

Cons of Telemedicine are
  • Prevalence of not very clear rules regarding telemedicine make providers uncomfortable in using it.
  • Physical examination can never be substituted with virtual care.
  • Patient privacy may end up being compromised.
  • Some software and hardware can be too costly.
  • Some equipment may require personnel to be trained and employed to operate it.
  • Risk of technical problems arising always exists.
  • Telehealth relies heavily on a technically-knowledged patient base.

Since Telemedicine has both pros and cons, it relies on good security, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly technology for its success.

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