Hybrid Health Care

What is Hybrid Health Care?

Hybrid healthcare is a combination of care provided Virtually and Physically. This method of healthcare, since its inception, has evolved tremendously and is continuing to progressively change.

Hybrid healthcare is very useful especially in emergency departments by effectively prioritizing the patients needing care.

  • If the patient is checked using digital technology, it could be assessed then if emergency care is indeed required or can be treated
    or directed to specific departments of care by the physician present online.
  • The cost of treatment decreases for the patient by eliminating the need to be treated in the hospital.
  • Ensures that patients who need emergency treatment can get admitted and treated.
  • In case of emergency teams called on-site with ambulance services, hybrid care can assess if the patient needs to be transported
    to the hospital or can be treated at the site. This reduces unnecessary ER visits.
  • On-site treatment with hybrid care also reduces unnecessary road traffic and hence healthcare systems can prioritise real emergencies.
  • Hybrid care comes in very handy in areas that are untouched or underserved by healthcare.
  • Hybrid care reduces disparities in the provision of healthcare with increased access by all sections of people

The future of hybrid care is indeed bright with more hospitals making their contribution towards it since it results in fewer ER visits which are beneficial to both hospitals and patients, transportation efficiently used, and more people accessing healthcare using necessary technology.

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