Rtls Health Care

RTLS in Healthcare

RTLS is Real-time location system which are basically tracking devices. It helps to track both people and objects and it has been found to be quite useful in hospital settings. RFID (Radio frequency identification) tags, which are based on RTLS, are devices that are widely used in hospitals with which data like location, temperature, etc, can be easily tracked with the help of sensors located inside the hospital.

Patients are given a tag that helps to ascertain patient inflows and outflows into the hospital and also into various departments. So personnel can be diverted to a department that has the maximum number of footfalls from a relatively lesser occupied department. With RTLS, it is possible to track free rooms and beds in hospitals and enable hassle-free and faster allotments to patients.

By tagging objects, it’s possible to know how essential some equipment is, how many times it’s being used in a day, or if it’s hardly used at all and the hospitals can decide if more or less of this is required. It can locate equipment immediately and be brought to a location where it is needed most in case of emergencies.

Each positive step, however small, improves a patient’s experience in a hospital and improves the overall efficacy with which hospitals can provide patient care and RTLS certainly proves to be advantageous to hospitals in this regard.

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