Artificial Intelligence in Patient Treatment

Future of Artificial Intelligence in Patient Treatment

AI is the future of the healthcare industry and it has already proved its usefulness. AI can interpret large amounts of medical data efficiently and quickly and arrive at a diagnosis sooner than humans can, which can only be beneficial for humans. AI can identify patterns from humongous research articles and point physicians in the right direction.

When Chatbots (AI) is the first point of interaction for patients during virtual consultations, it can collect all necessary information from the patients, like symptoms, medical history, etc, and quickly arrive at the diagnosis since it has access to a vast collection of information about medical diseases/illnesses, their symptoms and treatment plans which can be reviewed and verified by physicians.

Chatbots can be used to interact with patients to reassure them, by calmly handling their questions and educating them regarding their health condition.

Chatbots are very advantageous since it
  • Provides immediate assistance to patients.
  • Reduces in-patient visits.
  • Saves time for physicians by collecting preliminary health information.
  • Reduces costs incurred by both the healthcare industry and patients.
  • Fastens treatment provided to patients.
  • Results in better health outcomes for patients.
  • Helps in a thorough analysis of patient condition minimizing human errors.
  • Enables healthcare to reach inaccessible areas.

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