Data Entry

What is Data Entry?

Using an electronic device, mostly computers, to record and store relevant information is called Data Entry. Though it is time-consuming, it is a basic necessity for any organisation since it is very much needed for later analysis.

Computers are widely used in data entry because it saves a lot of time than manual entries and is accurate. Even though EMRs are used, data entry operators are also very much required in the healthcare industry. Data entry operators not only maintain patient records like medications, diagnoses etc, they also take care of a hospital’s various other facilities. For example, outpatient facilities, primary care facilities or specialties like orthopedics or ophthalmology. It differs from one operator to another depending on the fields they are trained for.

Some of the data entries that are done are

  • Medical record scanning- This consists of hospital records and treatment records.
  • Medical coding – This consists of diagnostic reports and health care records.
  • Medical billing – This consists of billing details, payment posting, patient records, insurance records etc.

Data entry requires high concentration to produce error-free work. Our HIPPA-compliant data entry firm, Sniper Solutions, employs/trains professionals who can take care of all forms of data entry and provide accurate work with a fast turnaround time.

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