Patient Eligibility Benefits Coverage

What is Eligibility and Benefits Verification?

Prior to patient visits, healthcare providers check the patient’s eligibility and benefits coverage. This process is called eligibility and benefits verification. This is necessary to receive payments for the services provided to the patients and avoidance of payment denials if the patient is found to be not eligible for the services rendered by the healthcare providers.

If this process is not given its due effort, it results in a lot of rework in the process, delays in receiving the payments and in patient care which results in overall patient dissatisfaction and even claim denials.

At Sniper Solutions, we take care of the process with the utmost care
  • To obtain prior authorization and verify patients’ eligibility before the services are provided to the patient.
  • To verify the coverage of benefits.
  • To obtain prior authorization.
  • To obtain approval for the services to be rendered.
  • To ensure patient satisfaction to the maximum.

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