Denial Management

What is Denial Management?

On account of errors in the claims submitted, some claims get rejected. In these cases, billers have to analyse the claims, correct and submit them again for claims. This management process of analysis, submission and successfully claiming the payment is Denial Management.

Rejection gives rise to opportunities for the management team to analyse thoroughly the claims submitted and to prevent similar errors from occurring in the future. It is vital to healthcare organisations because if a claim ends up getting denied then it is a loss of revenue for them.

Therefore, during the process of appealing, the billers must analyse the root cause, make the necessary corrections to the errors and then re-submit for payment. This will help in avoiding the recurrence of similar problems.

We at Sniper Solutions

  • Thoroughly analyse the cause of the denial.
  • Make necessary changes to the errors.
  • Appeal to the payers.
  • Maintain continuous follow-up after resubmission.
  • Ensure similar errors are prevented in the future.

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